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Most of the investment projects Technical Partners are involved in are in the “difficult to finance” category in that despite the fact that the project owners or developers have a great technical solution for a financially beneficial business opportunity, they have no finances to make them happen, no funds for fees or insurances, no established company to provide a track record, and perhaps not even enough “own” capital to develop a proper business plan and financials, let alone meet investment fund requirements. 

Lack of capital is the result of a Soviet hangover and world financial crisis and is not a competency issue. Understanding the situation let’s those working with it profit from it. This is why remuneration for any risk capital arranged has to be on a success basis only.

These projects need a strategic financial partner to develop the opportunity to fruition – a partner who recognizes the merits of the opportunity and is willing to work with the developer to make it happen as a partner.

This rules out everything from banks to venture capital funds that require at least 20% “own” capital who really only understand project financials. However, this is a niche, underdeveloped market segment with significant potential for those investors who are prepared to think outside the box and actually work a little to develop an opportunity. 

This is where Technical Partners come in. We can help the investor with the technical and due diligence issues, and the developer with defining his project’s scope, benefits and goals. Every project presented has an “information memorandum” which presents pertinent information, and has been scrutinized as to basics based on what we have learned from institutions that helped us understand what an investor needs to know to make an informed decision.

We are looking for investors who we can work with on such projects. If we don’t find them, the projects simply die and the opportunity is lost. Many good projects are in this category, hence meeting this need is also important to the development of the region.

We invite Investors to work with Technical Partners to help develop a talent rich region and take advantage of great opportunities by investing not only their cash, but their knowledge and enthusiasm, and become part of a team to make things happen.

To learn about these opportunities, please contact Ed Kalvins at ed.kalvins@tpriga.lv.

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