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Technical Partners International Inc. / TP Riga
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Technical Partners is a Riga, Latvia based consultancy offering services and selected equipment in Northern Europe. Our specialty is Project Management, but the emphasis is on meeting client requirements serving the Baltic region (Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia), but also supporting our partners internationally. No, most of our team are not Technical Partners employees, but they are Technical Partners resources that we call upon to meet a particular client’s needs, and we help these clients with our expertise when they need it.

Ed Kalvins (lv/ca)
Senior Consultant
Provides project management, representative services and monitoring consultancy services using the PM-PROformance™ project management system. Particular strength is in documentation and control processes. Supports foreign business initiatives in Latvia and export from Latvia. Is the Chairman of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Latvia.
Indra Sproģe-Kalviņa (lv)  
Director, Finance & Administration
Responsible for Technical Partners “Representative Services” program which provides foreign and local companies with accounting, company registration and administration, office management, marketing and sales services. Deals with governing agencies.
Inguna Gustava (lv)
Business Development Specialist
Experienced general manager covering management, company budgets and financial control, staff recruiting and training, marketing and sales. Provides entrepreneurial consulting and develops business strategies.
Richard Hunter (lv/us) 
Project Manager / Business Development
Project design and field installation management for electrical and electronics systems and construction integration. 
Dzintra Renigere (lv)
Accounting and Financial Management services. General Manager and Owner at “R Birojs” SIA,
Linda Lakats (ca)
Business Development
PhD Industrial Engineering from Stanford University - brings expert practical and theoretical skills in operations, risk and network management to development projects.
John Birchmore (uk)
Project Manager - Environmental 
Forestry and forest industries operations specialist providing consulting to sawmills and the pulp & paper industry. Heads energy from waste and biomass combined heat and power (CHP) development projects mainly using advanced thermal treatment (ATT) technology (gasification and pyrolysis). Provides cogeneration consulting internationally building on experiences in Northern Europe and Russia. Managing Director of SHREWS Ltd., U.K. 
Sam Davidovich (lv/ca)
Construction related services specializing in shoring & forming and construction materials, translations. serving international markets. Specializes in North America and Central Asia. Owner of Transcontinental Consulting Company 

Alvis Līdums (lv)
Project Manager - Energetics
Energy and Industrial Engineering specialist providing in-depth analysis of energy requirements and industrial processes. Specialist in cogeneration and combined heating and power (CHP) plants. Provides economic justification for capital projects
Anita Boldāne (lv)
Project Manager – Construction and Production Related Projects
EU certification in Project Management. Assists in project implementation, particularly in dealing with municipal and federal governments and regulations, and overall project administration. Prepares funding requests.

Robin De Morgan (uk)
Investment Banking Professional and Chartered Accountant
Assists with property and infrastructure developments, marketing, and is a trade development advisor. Works with project developers to find project financing internationally and attracting support in the UK.
Inta Cinite (lv/ca)
Organizational behaviour consultant, organizational programs, strategic planning and organizational change

Ravi Joshi (ca)
Pharmaceutical Services Specialist
Process Validation / Equipment Qualification specialist for pharmaceutical, biotech and blood products. Specialises in FDA/HBP compliance, QA, Regulatory Compliance, Product Development, Quality Systems, product release, GMP Audits, Commissioning
J. Roger Davies – (ca)
Maintenance Management Specialist
Specializes in Maintenance Management including heavy and light industry and all aspects of facility asset management. Consulting skills support needs analysis, CMMS selection process, best practices, maintenance tactics (RTF, PM, PdM), methodologies (RCA, RCFA, RCM) and system optimization. Founder of the Da-Trol Group, Inc, and is a professional instructor.
Olga Melnikova (lv)
Marketing Manager, Film Producer
Provides integrated marketing, media relations, event management, communications & public relations both locally and internationally. Founder of "CREA Promotion", the organiser of international short film festival Future Shorts Latvia, member of AFI (American Film Institute society in LA, California).
Ingriga Ozoliņa (lv)
Film Production
Executive producer, director, editor and video editing specialist.
Frank Dion (ca) 
Export Development
Instrumental in developing or expanding an export market to Canada by providing clients with  training, development and coaching programs to help businesses control and realign their business development process. Provides market reviews and scopes potential growth. President of  Clarity Plus.
Jacqueline Spicer (ca)
Branding, Marketing and Copywriting
Strategic creative communications across all media. Clients include many well-known companies in finance, agriculture, real estate, architecture, food, pharmaceuticals, government, B2B and B2C. Founder and owner of The Ink Tank Inc.
Andris Verescagins (lv)
Development Projects

Project and business management.  Specialist at lumber products import and export. Owner of  “GVL”. 

Guna Skangale (lv)
Project Manager – Infrastructure Development Engineer
Infrastructure projects specialist specializing in road construction technologies and construction. Particular strength relates to an intimate understanding of relevant laws and regulations, and dealing with bureaucracy in governments. Helps entrepreneurs generally deal with government structures.
Jacob Lalander (lv/se)  
Construction Procurement Specialist 
Provides clients with an in-depth knowledge of the Baltic region and Scandinavian construction industry. Specializes building materials sourcing and procurement.
Māris Ozols (lv)
Installations Engineer
General management, production and mechanical installations. production line installations, machinery design, equipment re-building, commissioning and preventative maintenance.
Marc Gaber (lv)
Risk Engineer
Risk management, certified building management planning, environmental surveys and remediation. Environmental modeling, watershed and flood modeling, geographic information systems.
Rolands Kromanis, PhD (uk)
Project Engineer / Structural Engineer
Focused on the structural performance evaluation of bridges using measurements from continuous monitoring. Experience includes energy-efficient housing projects.
Valērs Mītins (lv)
Certified Structural Engineer
Structural design specialist of metal, wood and monolith concrete constructions.
Jānis Zvirbulis (lv)
Electrical Systems Design Specialist
Specialist in substation, air conduits, aerial cables and transmission line design, interior installations and lighting design, cogeneration station construction design.  
Andris Pumpurs (lv)
Environmental Projects Specialist
Specializes in water, wastewater, waste and energy sectors. Coordinates project activities with governing agencies to ensure conformance to regulations and applicable laws.
Ina Galkina (lv)
Environmental Specialist
Specialist in waste management, environmental protection, hazardous waste management, remediation of polluted areas.  Chairman of the Board, Baltik Eko Group.
Malcolm Dent (uk/lv)
Water Projects Specialist
BSc – Civil Engineering (Cranfield Institute of Technology, UK), MSc - Irrigation Engineering (University of Southampton, UK). Water and environmental project management and supervision.
Aina Valtmane (lv)
Environmental   Specialist 
BSc – Food Technology (Jelgava Agricultural University, Latvia). Experience at performing reviews for applications relating to pollution controls for A, B and C category certification, as well as for completing the technical requirements and procedures for ETA’s.
Harijs Ozols (lv/ca/uk)
Internet and web services
Development of a unique website service which allows a client to update his own web site. Data management SaaS applications for small business and local e-government use. General Manager at Websoftsites Ltd.,
Eriks Kalvins (ca)
Landscape Architecture/Design
Landscape architectural projects. 
Rei Briedis (ca)
Office Manager 
Technical Partners contact in Canada.
Arnis Markitants (ca)
Business Development
Financial management specialist. Market entry, trade facilitation, project and financing coordinator for Technical Partners in Canada. Liaison with investors. Translations from English to Latvian.

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