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Investor and Partner Acquisition Services

This service is for those looking for investment capital or strategic partners.


One of the challenges facing organizations, entrepreneurs and start-ups is acquiring the capital funds needed to advance innovations or investment projects.

Another challenge for these organizations is finding strategic partners to help with development.

There is a tendency to provide too much technical detail while not following a logical, documented road map to providing investors or partners with the information they need to come to an informed decision.


There is a need to develop an understanding of the main elements of acquiring investment funds and/or strategic partners, and to understand their needs for information.


The system involves using a “sell sheet” to introduce the opportunity, a power point presentation to explain the project and needs, an executive summary or information memorandum to provide additional detail, and a business plan to provide back-up information. The basis of this information usually rests with the owner or key personnel and frequently is not documented. Hence it is important to document this information in what we refer to as a plant or project master file so that this information may be shared with those that need to know.

This system is based on experience acquired through a program of mentoring, partnering and connecting received from ventureLAB in Canada (http://venturelab.ca/), an organization established in Canada to help entrepreneurs seek capital for their projects and the PM-PROformance™ project management system developed by Technical Partners (http://tpriga.lv/pm-proformance).

This process gives the client a clear, concise, inexpensive and time-saving road-map to investors and/or strategic partners which starts with a project or plant master file, sell sheet and information memorandum, then proceeds to a business plan and ultimate success.


The method involves highlighting the main requirements of interest to Angel and Venture Capital funds whose participation will be needed before institutional or bank financing can be acquired. This also applies to strategic partners. It emphasizes describing:

  • the “hurt” (or the need), that is, what will be resolved,
  • how the requester will solve the need better than anyone else,
  • the competition,
  • the team and its capability to realize the project and ensure sustainability, and, of course,
  • the definition of the financial need, risk and benefit to the investor or partner.


It is expected that the requester will be in a better position to define the requirements for opportunities and increase the success rate for receiving financing or strategic partner support.

How we help

We prepare an “Information Memorandum” providing the information than an investor needs to know to make an informed decision as to his possible interest in a project. The client can send this Information memorandum to potential Investors. We also include this project investment projects list that we distribute to potential investors, strategic partners or funding organizations.