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Technical Partners International Inc. / TP Riga
Vienības gatve 109, Riga, LV-1058, Latvia

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Representative Services is a service offered by Technical Partners to businesses conducting project or commercial activities using Technical Partners experts and specialists, and sales service personnel.
These services could include the following:
  • Representing the Client in his absence
  • Providing technical and engineering support
  • Providing sales and marketing support
  • Participating in or handling negotiations
  • Finding and supervising partners
  • Preparing business and development plans
  • Project management
In Latvia, Technical Partners provide the following additional services which are specific to the Latvian market:
  • Accounting and office management services
  • Office space
  • Dealing with government agencies
  • Assisting with finding real estate
  • Assisting with investors
  • Handling contracts and legal issues
  • New company registrations
  • Making meeting, travel and accommodation arrangements
The “saturation program” for establishing a market in Latvia and/or the Baltic region
This program is for companies wishing to establish or expand the sale of products, equipment or services in Latvia. It is a limited and well defined three (3) month fixed fee program which:
  • involves:
    • one full time sales service person,
    • the part time (25%) services of a specialist or counsellor,
    • the use of office facilities,
  • and provides:
    • preparing sales information for local consumption,
    • preparation of a potential client list,
    • a review of sales possibilities in the region by contacting potential clients,
    • promotion of the services or products in order to achieve sales,
    • a report on the potential in the market.
At the end of the period, a decision is made as to whether or not to continue the program and, if so, in what format and under what conditions.